What exactly does The Gourmetour mean?

The Gourmetour used to be my personal blog that focused on my culinary adventures while living in Chicago. 

Okay, great.. so why name your business after it?

Well, The Gourmetour became the catalyst for my interest in holistic health as a profession. As I say in my main “about me” section, I have always been interested in food and cooking, but only later in life did I really understand the importance of health support food and lifestyle choices. After I began blogging, I really started to see the affects of food, exercise, relationships, and spirituality on my health. I made the connection between all aspects of my life, and how crucial it is to keep them connected in order to achieve and maintain health. The Gourmetour helped me find my health, my passion, and my career. For that I am grateful, and well…

The name stuck with me. When it came time to pick a business name, I literally thought of everything and none of it felt right. I just couldn’t shake The Gourmetour, so here we are. It may not be a real word, and it may be silly, but it represents my journey to a truly healthy life, and I figured that it should for all of my clients, too.